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June 22, 2016

Why I need Feminism

I need feminism because I believe ALL women and girls should be treated like human beings. I need feminism because I believe we still have a shit-ton of work to do on that front. I need feminism because not all women enjoy the same freedoms I do as a white, middle-class, educated Canadian woman. I need feminism because I believe in everyone’s right to bodily autonomy. I need feminism because we live in a world in which corporations are people and women are objects. I need feminism because we live in a culture that tacitly condones violence against women. I need feminism because I believe in reproductive rights. I need feminism because women are still viewed as a special interest group when it comes to health care. I need feminism because I want our little girls to love their bodies. I need feminism because I know damn well my sex life IS a political agenda. I need feminism because I have to work harder, speak louder, and be better to achieve the same respect as my male counterparts. I need feminism because the issue of 'merit' when Ministers are appointed isn't brought into question unless it's a female. I need feminism because I refuse to accept the scraps that have been presented to me as “choices.” I need feminism because I didn't even realize I was being violated until years after when I had the understanding to be able to understand that what was happening to me wasn't normal.

When we indulge in gender stereotypes, we limit the potential of all humans to be their authentic selves — whether they identify as male, female or somewhere in between. We perpetuate the idea that a girl can’t throw a baseball or a boy can’t play with a doll; that a woman should cook and desire babies, and that a man should be the breadwinner for his family and never cry.

Sorry not sorry, that is not good enough for me.

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